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SESQA April Flying report

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SESQA April Flying report

Post by BrianF »

As expected not a huge turnout. COVID, Easter, weather expectations had their effect.
The weather today may not have looked good in forecasts but the location defied predictions for the region, as it does more often than not.
I left Brisbane in rain, but that disappeared west of the city and blue sky showed through broken cloud. It was breezy, not gusty, certainly flyable and the SE wind produced bands of lift above 300ft (roughly) to the south. Thermals were still around, for example I started to get away just as I went to start a landing approach with the Salto, I left it to land as I was getting tired on my feet. We had two visitors, Lawrie from Townsville who was visiting relatives not too far away and Scott the new president of the RAAF model club. They enjoyed their visits, and plan to return.

It was a bit like a J. Smits model plan appreciation day. He had his new K8, which is flying nicely after adding some ballast and further tuning. John Dac had his trusty K6 and did an amazing touch and go, it got very high quickly, but came back to earth safely. Lawrie our visitor had a beautiful PWS101 from a Jilles plan, he is a master builder and good on the sticks. He has 2 other Jilles models and I'm about to cut a 1/3 Kirby Kite kit for him to add to the collection.

My Blanik is being modified to have removable tips, mounts for smoke canisters and to hold an outboard camera, so I flew the Salto today. I stripped an aileron servo during flight, it was evident after a roll went a lot slower than I expected. Karl helped me replace the gears so I could continue flying.
We all did quite a lot of flying and there were no incidents, apart from my servo problem. Some time after lunch we called it a day when a light shower finally found its way to the field. By then we'd had enough anyway. Kris did all the towing as usual and it was spot on. Thanks as always Kris.

Would have been nice to have a few more out there, maybe the next aerotow date might suit you? Saturday May 1st is the current plan.

I managed to get a bit of video footage, enough to get an idea of what the day was like.
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Der Himmel ist blau und die Luft ist gut!

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Re: SESQA April Flying report

Post by Cliff Evans »

Thanks Brian, great to see Jilles enjoying his flying.

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