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SEQSA - May Flying report

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SEQSA - May Flying report

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SEQSA = South East Queensland Scale Aerotow

Hi, our usual day last weekend was rescheduled due to adverse weather, so today a small but high quality group got together for some flying.
Perfect weather with lots of thermal activity made it a worthwhile trip. The main runway is pretty good and I've been dragging heavy mesh on the cross runway to prepare for the winter winds.

Jilles had some great flights with his newly built K8, John Dac had some good flights and did some greaser landings with his Ka6. Evan flew the big ASW22 really well and did some nice fast passes. He had his Cub there, but an incident on takeoff put it back in the trailer, it will be back again soon. Ken flew his ASG 29, a hard landing meant that is too needs some TLC before flying again. We have a new recruit into the realm of scale aerotow. David "Spaino" maidened a 4m Zefir with his first aerotow. It flew well and climbed away in some thermals. Todd didn't fly a scale model today but helped out. Kris did all the towing with his Extra, we are lucky to have a gold class pilot who loves to tow. Thanks again.

I flew my 6m K8B, it hasn't flown since before my surgery, I took 500grams of lead out of the nose. Its now 17.2kg instead of 17.7, the tug didn't seem to notice the lighter weight though. I caught some good thermals and did a nice 300m climb in one. This time out I was more adventurous with it, doing loops and simple manoeuvres.

Next scale aerotow is currently planned for Saturday 5th June. Hope the weather is just as good as today and you can make it.
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