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SEQSA Aerotow June and July reports

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SEQSA Aerotow June and July reports

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Hi, I didn't end up with enough good footage to do a video for June. We did fly and it was a cracking good winter's day.

Here is the July report.
Saturday was going to be unflyable so we moved aerotow to Sunday.
There had been more rain in the previous days than the forecasts or rain map showed. So it was a bit mushy at the bottom of the entry hump.
Despite the favourable wind forecast it was windy and gusty, not terrible, a 25 to 30km/h cold wind that probably felt much worse than it was. Thermals yesterday were there but uncommon and landings were interesting at times.

As the day progressed, the South to SouWest winds abated to around 20km/h, the temperature went up and a few thermals did pop up. I always seemed to find them in my landing circuit, I was flying the 6m K8 and it is a little risky with that model to chase tight low downwind thermals with it.

What did become apparent was the "wave" lift over near the hill, it worked if you weren't too low. John Dac had a good height gain early in the day from it. I had a few runs through the area trying to find it limits. Conclusion? Very dependent on wind strength and direction. On one flight I was joined by a sizeable bird of prey for a few minutes. It was a bit too far away to identify properly and it managed to fly on the same side as the camera or behind the model so I didn't get good footage of it. There was a Wedgetail flying around and some Black kites. I watched them with interest, they did not flap all the time to get good height.

There are a couple of videos linked below which will show the day better than I can describe. The first is of and from my K8, the second is about the day.

Thank you to those who braved the conditions, we did quite a lot of flying for a small group. Thank you Mick and Kris for the tows and comedy.
We are very lucky to have good tug pilots, a great site flyable in a wide range of conditions. Hopefully next month has good weather and a full flight line. Would like to see you there.

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