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SEQSA December Report

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SEQSA December Report

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Had a lot of rain around this part of the world lately, with lots of flooding. Our field is generally safe as 3m levee banks keep most water out. However our dirt entry road can suffer at its low points. Because of that reason we moved the flying day to a week later.

Yesterday turned out quite well. The recent wet weather tried hard to stop us flying but failed.
There was water up to our runways which meant it was important not to out land. I don't recall that happening, but maybe one model could have used floats.
The track in was OK, no one had any trouble. The owner has today dug a ditch to drain the water near the "hump" and the crappy surface will be dressed. We also have two culverts going in. The whole field is grassed now except for a couple of bare spots on the runway. These were a bit muddy, so I moved the strip a little to the west when I mowed it, so the new surface is all grassed.

While the day itself was hot and humid, the sky was full of gentle to strong lift. We had good attendance and quite a lot of flying was carried out in the heat. Kris did all the tug duties, thank you very much, we all appreciate it. Evan did have his Cub, but an electrical issue grounded it. Karl had a tank split on his Yak. If it was really needed, I had my Decathlon as a back up.
Trent had his friend Steve along, both were very helpful retrieving and prepping models. Steve bought out a Thermik XXXL to maiden. Scared us all as it went vertical with what seemed to be no down elevator. Luckily it had a very strong drive system, it looped out and eventually flew OK.
Jilles bought out his almost completed Kirby Kite, it will be great to see it fly. Dean came out to check out the flying on a rare day off but ended up doing a lot of the filming. Thank you to everyone who made it out and to those who didn't, see you next time.

I was feeling a bit "off" so didn't fly too much but did put the Salto up a few times, but left the big K8 and ASW27 in the trailer. The first video shows some of the flying we did, and some of the models.

Aerotow activities

Salto in flight video

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