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*REDUCED PRICE* FOR SALE: SB-7 Unbuilt Kit 4.125m

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Richard Hewitt
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*REDUCED PRICE* FOR SALE: SB-7 Unbuilt Kit 4.125m

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I have an unbuilt kit for sale:

Blue Airlines Akafleige Braunschweig SB-7. The aircraft represented is the 16.5m Swiss version, so the model is "true" quarter scale at 4.125m span.

Glass-fibre fuselage, cockpit pan included (undetailed). The wings are veneered foam. The section is Eppler 201-193-222. There is a canopy, substantial wing joiner that could double for a stair-rod when you are not flying, wood parts and hardware to do all the control linkages etc (e.g. aileron servo boxes). A set of air brakes are included (although, actually, the Swiss SB-7 didn't have them). There are a set of decals for a Swiss-registered one. The instructions are in German but the diags are pretty clear and obvious; for good measure, I include some English instructions for another Blue Airlines model of a similar type, as there is a large amount of commonality between the two kits. In addition, I am including a monowheel retract unit made by Christian und Thomas Hock, and a pair of tow releases for belly + nose.

The original kit price was 625 euro, in 2002. I spent probably another £100 on the retract. Everything is as new in the original box.


Yours for £500, buyer to collect from my house in Southampton.

My phone number is 023 80771527. You can email me at

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