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Andrew Ray
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Andrew Ray »

Cliff, true but it is a different culture and is it not easier to play the game? Try to fight it and one wastes an awful lot of time and gets frustrated.

I had an issue with Banggood over some faulty, probably fake servos, they didn't want to refund but in the end I involved PayPal and soon had my money back. If I had quoted the Sales of Goods Act I am sure I would have got nowhere and had I chosen to take that cudgel up it would have cost me more in money, time and sheer frustration.

My post was trying to illustrate that I consider HK to be fair, their system is in place to satisfy all the countries, cultures and languages they sell to and their process is simple and painless. With me they had no proof that I didn't receive the item and I doubt that a stock check would prove anything but they replaced the missing item without fuss.

Fair enough maybe they are not following the letter of our law but for a little effort the end result is the same isn't it? And surely a supplier has a right to satisfy himself that the goods are faulty? How many times does it happen that instructions are not followed or that someone is trying to pull a fast one? If I told you that the laser cut kit I had from you was faulty and was cut wrong would you, in all fairness, replace it without satisfying yourself that was the case? I wouldn't expect you to and at the least would supply evidence to back up my claim.

Elliot Howells
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Elliot Howells »

I've had little trouble with HK over the years, have even had lipos that were faulty on arrival replaced. I guess they look at my purchase history and the amount of trouble I've caused (none) and figure I'm a good customer. I bet they get some rogues.

I did however have to raise a paypal dispute with a reputable UK dealer (whom I still use) when they seemed reluctant to chase up a missing shipment, leaving me £400 out of pocket. I raised a paypal case and it was all sorted pretty sharpish.

All in all, I have little trouble buying stuff online. I'd still like a LHS though, shame they've gone the way of the dodo.


Tony Woods
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Tony Woods »

Perhaps you should support UK suppliers.??

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Rick Verver
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Rick Verver »

Besides HobbyKing . . . all my overseas-orders, I pay with PayPal, which deduct from ICS-creditcard.

All my E-bay (and alike) orders are also paid through PayPal deducting from my ICS-creditcard.

Save and Customer protection all-over.

If something goes wrong, just issue a well specified complain to PayPal and they will act strongly.
When you are in your right . . . they will interfere and (at the end) refund your money from supplier.

In case of E-bay (and such) they also provide customer-protection.

I have noticed suppliers don't like to be issued by PayPal or "banned" from E-Bay.

8-) just my 2 cents
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Darren_O »

48 orders over four years, any issue I had was sorted instantly. All I had to do was send a vid of the faulty servo and I got a refund.

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