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Elliot Howells
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Elliot Howells »

I've had little trouble with HK over the years, have even had lipos that were faulty on arrival replaced. I guess they look at my purchase history and the amount of trouble I've caused (none) and figure I'm a good customer. I bet they get some rogues.

I did however have to raise a paypal dispute with a reputable UK dealer (whom I still use) when they seemed reluctant to chase up a missing shipment, leaving me £400 out of pocket. I raised a paypal case and it was all sorted pretty sharpish.

All in all, I have little trouble buying stuff online. I'd still like a LHS though, shame they've gone the way of the dodo.


Tony Woods
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Tony Woods »

Perhaps you should support UK suppliers.??

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Rick Verver
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Rick Verver »

Besides HobbyKing . . . all my overseas-orders, I pay with PayPal, which deduct from ICS-creditcard.

All my E-bay (and alike) orders are also paid through PayPal deducting from my ICS-creditcard.

Save and Customer protection all-over.

If something goes wrong, just issue a well specified complain to PayPal and they will act strongly.
When you are in your right . . . they will interfere and (at the end) refund your money from supplier.

In case of E-bay (and such) they also provide customer-protection.

I have noticed suppliers don't like to be issued by PayPal or "banned" from E-Bay.

8-) just my 2 cents
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Re: Hobbyking

Post by Darren_O »

48 orders over four years, any issue I had was sorted instantly. All I had to do was send a vid of the faulty servo and I got a refund.

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