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Petrel with a twist

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Re: Petrel with a twist

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Its been a while since the last communication regarding this topic but the matter has moved on. Ultimately it was established that one wing panel had approximately 2.5 degrees of wash-in while the other 2.5 degrees of wash-out (as intended). The wings are jig built so this is difficult to understand but Old Gliders did acknowledged the problem. With my agreement John McNamara (Jettstream) did try to correct the wing but to no avail. So in response Old Gliders decided to build me a new wing. In their defence Old Gliders did initially want the entire airframe returned which I didn't want to do. Anyway the fuselage was sent to Old Gliders for the new wing to be made.

The new wing was made and the panels and fuselage sent back to me however the airframe arrived damaged. While I can't prove it I'm 100% sure a certain warehouse located in Hams Hall felt the package needed ventilating and stuck the forks of a truck through the box. So not only were both wing panels damaged so was the fuselage. Although the damage was not major and could be repaired Old Gliders have decided to draw a line under this particular airframe and either build me a brand new airframe or refund me.

At times it would have been very easy to "throw the rattle out of the pram" and simply demand my money back and never consider an Old Gliders product again. Some may say you should build you own which is fine if you have time and space. And I may do so when I retire. But now the best solution for me is either an ARF or a used model but acquiring a high quality used model for sale in excellent condition does not appear to be easy.

The Petrel is a beautiful sailplane and the Old Gliders Petrel flew well even with the defect. The airframe seems well engineered and the quality of construction very good. Yes I had a defective wing panel but according to John McNamara who has distributed many Old Gliders airframes, I'm an isolated case. So I have decided to have a new airframe built. I'm confident I will get a good model but I will check the wash-out. Only concern is getting it delivered without damage.

Neil T

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