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Middle Wallop Poll

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Poll ended at 06 Feb 2019, 16:52

Would you be prepared to pay £20 per day to attend for 2019.
Would you be prepared to commit to £83.33 + £5 per day for all 8 events in 2019.
Total votes: 33

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Cliff Evans
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Re: Middle Wallop Poll

Post by Cliff Evans » 01 Feb 2019, 08:51

Come on folks. John and the team do a grear job orgaising this event for us and it would be a shame to loose this great venue. I suspect that if the decision is made to drop tnis venue it would be very difficult to get it back in the future. We are always saying how difficult it is to get suitable venues for our aero tows, well, this is one of the best and I for one would hate to see it go. I cannot go to all meetings but will pay for all events as I truly beleive that it would be detrimental to our hobby to let it go. It's not just the flying though, it is always good to meet up and our community is growing! I also as do the lads (lads! 😂😂) in the Ghost squadron understand that for some us is a lot to ask both in your time and finatially especially with everthing that is going on in the country at present.

Your support at any event is always appreciated.


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Re: Middle Wallop Poll

Post by MDev » 01 Feb 2019, 11:09

We all appreciate the GS and the way they carry out the events and would like them to continue and not to give John and colleagues too much hassle to organise them, I even joined the LMA to support them. Likewise Cheddar and Binham which are excellent flying/social meets and at the end of the day (I hate having to say this) pockets are only so deep. Yes I will still attend but with an eye on pocket depth, unforetunately a fact of life for many.

P.S. This is nothing to do with Brexit! ☺

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B Sharp
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Re: Middle Wallop Poll

Post by B Sharp » 01 Feb 2019, 17:16

I only manage to attend one, or at the maximum two, MW events in the year as it is a 1,000 mile round trip each time. On each trip I will have several thousand pounds worth of modeling kit in the boot of my car. It seems to me that £40 is a paltry sum for a weekend of using that kit by flying on one of the best airfields in Europe with some of the nicest people.
BTW I have already voted for the £20/per day scenario.
Brian. :)

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Re: Middle Wallop Poll

Post by Bernie » 02 Feb 2019, 15:41

Bearing in mind the poll needs to finish on Sunday night I’m happy to also put up another £100 if needed to keep these events going, bearing in mind the Ghost’s are prepared to put in all the hard work to arrange these events.

Another way of thinking about it is whereelse for £40 odd can you have a weekend in your caravan or Motorhome with a total bunch of nutters and get to fly what is always your £100’s of pounds worth of Gliders if not thousands at a fantastic site.

So come on if you are still sitting on the fence re the cost get your vote in and let’s show south support for this great set of events. The
Bernie :twisted:
Jeti UK, Esoaring Gadgets, Valenta Models, Let Models, RC Electronics, Aerobtec, Schambeck Motors.


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Re: Middle Wallop Poll

Post by SP250 » 02 Feb 2019, 19:44

Hoped to get down to one or more of these for a couple of years now - but not managed it.
I didn't vote because it says not to if you're only going to get to one event.
But would be happy to pay £20 per day, if and when I can make one of the dates.

John M

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