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I want one

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chris williams
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Re: I want one

Post by chris williams »

You want a drone...? Surely not?

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Re: I want one

Post by Barry_Cole »

Or maybe what you have is a quad copter.....

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


Nigel Argall
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Re: I want one

Post by Nigel Argall »

I've got one! This fella regularly has a rest at the bottom of the garden. Just need to start training him to catch drones.

Jolly Roger
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Re: I want one

Post by Jolly Roger »

There's a peregrine falcon sometimes joins my gliders above our cliff. Typical raptor, it takes up position behind the model but I managed to get behind it once with my Ka6 - see photo.

And a couple of seconds video here:

Peregrine 2.JPG

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Re: I want one

Post by ChrisJesshope »

I have just seen this... I had a red kite come check out my quad a while back.

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