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Spot the spar

Our own blend of Caption Contest. Partly intended to help put names to faces, but certainly as a bit of fun. Original photo's are preferred as are funny captions! Winning entries are posted in the Gallery..
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roo Hawkins
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Spot the spar

Post by roo Hawkins »

A rodel ka6e that was given to me after a battery f

eric friend
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Re: Spot the spar

Post by eric friend »

The wing of my 5 metre ASW17 has the same 'construction', Roo!
How do I know?
While on the tow at Middle Wallop a few years ago, just as the '17' got to about 200 feet, the port wing folded just outboard of the wing joiner construction, but luckily it helicoptered down with no damage to the fuselage and the other wing. On inspection of the remains of the port wing, sure enough there was no spar, just balsa leading and trailing edges with lots of white foam inbetween.

Actually I blame it all on Bernie, :lol: :lol: :lol: , as I bought the '17' from him. When he saw a video of it gently soaring on the South Downs he said it could be flown much more vigorously than that.

So on the next flight at Thurnham I put it through its paces and sure enough it performed as Bernie said it would! Unfortunately the flight after that was the fateful one at Middle Wallop, and so the failure there was totally down to me over-stretching the envelope!

The next trip it will have will be to Simon WS' bandsaw to slit both wings down the middle to fit a full length vertical web in each wing - that should make the wings somewhat stronger.

Enjoy the rebuild Roo! . . . I hope you didn't mind us letting Graham know where the remains of his incident would have a good home; much better than the bin men on Thursday!

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Re: Spot the spar

Post by ARUP »

roo- is that the 1:3.6 scale model with the 4.2 meter span? I have one in a box and would like to know. I may have to let some spar material into the wing somehow. Than you very much!

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