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Cockpit Instruments

Posted: 23 Jan 2018, 13:15
by VinceC
If you are stuck for instruments, you can make up your own panel from these instruments attached which I have drawn over the last few years. If you want the bezels, Cliff will be able to help or even 3D print the full panel for you complete with the faces

Re: Cockpit Instruments

Posted: 23 Jan 2018, 14:15
by roo Hawkins
thanks vince this is very helpful is it pos to move this post to modeling tips so it will not get lost ROO :D :D

Re: Cockpit Instruments

Posted: 03 Feb 2018, 16:20
by roo Hawkins
some more.

Re: Cockpit Instruments

Posted: 05 Apr 2018, 22:08
by Martynk
Brilliant. Just what I have been looking for.

Very many thanks!