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Albion 5m Electric soarer

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Chris Bowles
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Re: Albion 5m Electric soarer

Post by Chris Bowles »

Peter, that is looking very good, might be tempted to dig my Albion fuz out, as for weights, I know its not the finished yet, but it is going to be a lot lighter than my Thermik XXL 5mtr electric glider, that flies very well with AUW of 6.7kg, so the Albion is going to be a floater, might have to put some ballast in

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Re: Albion 5m Electric soarer

Post by SP250 »

Thanks for the weights Peter much appreciated.

My old Albion Fuz is 933g (without powertrain) but that is with some bulkheads and stuff glued in.
Each wing is 1390g (lead in the light one to make then the same), with 1980's barn door brakes.
Tailplanes and two back to back 15mm deep steel blade joiners are 340g.
So with a powertrain (motor & esc) of 372g, a 4s 4500mAh LiPo battery 550g and 8 servos, Rx and GPS gear at say 350g the total looks around 5.3kg to 5.4kg. But there will be another 100g or so of repairs/strengthening to the wings and vac-bagging glass on the tailplanes to add.

Significantly lighter than my overweight & repaired 5m Thermik XXXL at 6.9kg and the wing loadings work out the Albion at 25% less than the Thermik.
Albion is about 10% greater area as well.

Question is - will it move round the GPS triangle as fast as the Thermik and will it signal & go up in lift better?
Decisions, decisions!
John M

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Peter Balcombe
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Re: Albion 5m Electric soarer

Post by Peter Balcombe »

Thanks John/Chris,
I probably could have sacrificed a little more weight, but tried to make the first build strong but light, as it’s usually easier to add weight than remove it ;)
The full I-beam main spar assembly should be plenty strong enough & the wing design would allow a 2nd fuselage joiner to be added with minor changes if required.
I have used a Balsa LE & flap hinge spar doubler for lightness, but both could be uprated to spruce on the inner panel. The wings could also be glassed for additional stiffness if desired,
It will be interesting to see if the model can be balanced without the addition of nose weight due to the longish nose moment. The planned 5S battery should fit through the slightly widened forward hatch & fuselage behind the joiner.

Ballast could be fitted around the fuselage joiner, although no doubt tubes could easily be added to the wings immediately behind the joiner box. - the tube being bonded to the rear of the joiner area ply web.

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