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Re: Drones

Post by MarkDev »

Sometimes this seems to be a subject that nobody wants to talk about, something that is happening elsewhere, the 'drones' that have caused the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) to draft the rules which will be enacted in 2016/17 will affect us all. Their intentions are clearly laid out on their web site. How much it will affect us is still as clear as mud, to be decided by the CAA and government agencies. With recent press 'drone' stories circulating that may well be more than less. Those that enjoy flying in Europe may have their activities curtailed more than in this country however the rules once in place will not go away or be lessened.


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B Sharp
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Re: Drones

Post by B Sharp »

Yesterday I was talking to my local model shop owner and the airport issue was raised. His attitude was the same as most responsible fliers in that operators who fly their quads around airports and suchlike were idiots. However as the conversation progressed he admitted that he was not a member of any national model flying association and that he did not have insurance as he had never seen the need. He races quads and has operated some very large 4, 6 and 8 motor drones for several years now. He was unsure of the current legislation and could only advise purchasers to come and fly with a group where they would get help. He also confirmed that he did not know anyone who actually had insurance cover for their model flying.
There gentlemen is the crux of the problem. There is a lack of knowledge, information and responsibility among the drone (quad) flying community.
Brian. :(

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Re: Drones

Post by mjcp »

In the space of 45 mins the other day:

Family of 4 walk past me on the cliff path. One says to other hey [Fred] look at that. [Fred] says "oh yeah... drone." (it was a 3m K-8 @ 400 odd feet agl)

Older couple walk past, one says "oh you're controlling it are you?", then [wife] says to him as they walk off: "I was going to get you one of those a few years ago" to which he asks what she got him instead.

Group (family?) of 4 / 5 walk up with more nylon than a tent and a staffie. [man] proceeds to talk about gliding and how was I going to get it back without and engine? followed by a 20 min discussion (transmission) about how he has flashed his drones to non EU firmware "'cos they go further" and he doesn't want to damage a real plane or person but he knows he shouldn't go over 1200m, and where he lives in saaf London he is sensible about where he flies, but if he brought it here (Cornwall) who's he going to get in the way of?

I'm not sure lack of knowledge is *really* the issue so much these days - people know how to google (age is irrelevant) and most will google a new thing (e.g. a gift of a drone/glider) - we are enquiring animals!

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Re: Drones

Post by jimbo »

Interesting marc, our slopes are very near public and we get lots of differing interactions. Most assume it is a motorised plane. They are usually quite astonished when they learn it has no power. Then usually a discussion on the techology ie range battery life etc. I cant actually remember the last time a model was called a drone. Theres never a bad word said and usually they stop to watch. Ive seen one guy flying a drone when i turned up this year. As soon as he saw the glider come out the car he landed and left without a word. I suspect he knew he couldnt fly there but would chance it while no modellers were present. Ive found that the public most certainly see the glider soaring as part of the landscape soaring with the birds. Id say their reaction is 99.9% positive.

Mark Erwood
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Re: Drones

Post by Mark Erwood »

Hi All. I wonder how many of you have seen this? ... 40955.html. A news item about plans for commercial drone testing up to 50 miles from the operator. Now we know why our air space has been stolen!


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