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Pat teakle vega fes mod

Here is where you can discuss to your hearts content the merits of sustainers.
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terry white
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Re: Pat teakle vega fes mod

Post by terry white »

Hi Brian, Do not worry about side thrust, the power to wing span drag will not give you an issue. About 2-2.5 degrees of down thrust should allow on/off switching of the motor without too much trim change to the elevator,The final bit of trim change can be achieved with the elevator mixing control in the transmitter. Hope that helps.

I have noticed that very few members are visiting the new Video section set up by Cliff for YouTube vids so I have put the link here as it is appropriate to sustained glider flight.No matter what the purist may think even jet gliding is here in the full size now and so making the model gliders with jets attached true scale. Not sure I like this one,but hey every one to their own. Terry.

Brian Taylor
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Re: Pat teakle vega fes mod

Post by Brian Taylor »

Many thanks Terry, down thrust only it is.

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