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large scale built up glider

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john glazbrook
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large scale built up glider

Post by john glazbrook »

hi all forum readers, I am looking for a well built and finished ready to fly large scale glider to get me started, part built or ready to fly if you have anything you want to sell please contact me with photos via p.m on here.
many thanks :D :D
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Re: large scale built up glider

Post by mjcp »

Quite a bit of leeway in scope there....

How large is large? 2m, 3m 4m bigger?

"to get me started" How much of a "beginner" are you ?

I have a used, repaired, but ready to fly 4m DG 808 form fly-fly that is surplus: full house wing - flaps and ailerons. Savox servos, dual battery, tow release etc.

Wings are straight and solid, recently recovered. Boom has been in two parts - its now structurally solid, just not particularly pretty.

Flies ok, but certainly not a floater - It prefers a decent slope and lift. Loops, chandelles, stall turns etc are fine, but I have never rolled it or flown inverted, its not that kind of wing!

n.b. I'm also not far from you, so logistics are a little easier!

m̶j̶c̶p̶ Marc

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Some (now) pristine models that are un-flown for a year.

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