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Help to Identify this model please

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Jonathan Smith
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Joined: 23 Aug 2020, 16:57
Location: Wiltshire

Help to Identify this model please

Post by Jonathan Smith »

I recently picked up this model but I can not identify it. I am missing Ailerons,flaps,tailplane,elevator and rudder.This was not built with live hinges and could be 20 yrs old. Also missing the spar and the canopy. It is 4.2m wingspan and the original owner thought it came from Germany.
Any help gratefully received.
Thank you.

Jolly Roger
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Re: Help to Identify this model please

Post by Jolly Roger »

Fuselage and wing outlines look like an LS6. I think a German company called Rowing made one about this size in the late 90s? Not sure. Should fly well when you replace the missing parts.
Have fun!

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