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WIK Astir CS77

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Re: WIK Astir CS77

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Re: WIK Astir CS77

Post by ColinP »

Hi, I've actively monitored this forum for many years, but this is my first post.
I acquired a Wik Astir CS 77 at the Headcorn model show a few years ago. Have just got around to starting the renovation. The wings were all in good condition, except the epoxy paint was flaking off both leading edges. I sanded them back, and tried filling with Polyester filler but that seemed to create bubbles under the remaining skin. So I have had to sand back the LEs chamfering the epoxy skin and sealed the edge with Cyano. Then I have primed and sanded ready for spraying. Will probably use rattle cans to do that. I have not encountered and "leaking" but maybe this is where the epoxy skin is delamminating, so I would remove the bubbles, fill with cyano and epoxy and sand back.
When I bought it, it had no tailplane so I have built a new one. But I cannot fathom out how the original linkage worked, especially at the elevator horn. Does anyone have any idea on this. My current plan is to fit a thin servo high up in the fin and use a straight linkage, but there must be a way to put the servo at the base of the fin. Any drawings or plans welcomed. Thanks

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