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Semi-scale ASH25

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Re: Semi-scale ASH25

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Board manufacturers shaping blocks of foam have white painted walls with waist level strip lights to complement a waist level saw horse type of supports. They use an electric plane with multiple blades for taking away large amounts of foam, most diy electric planes will only have the one blade and rip the foam.

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Re: Semi-scale ASH25

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I can believe it Mark. Lighting is so important to a good job.

Did a little more today - made the fuselage root ribs from 6mm liteply with carbon. Also glassed and polished the spinner. The plan was to vac-form acetate over it but I now fancy something stronger and more resilient so may mold it from GRP. Something to mull over as I fall asleep. :)
Root ribs and spinnerS.jpg

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