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EON Olympia 419

Sean Fitzgibbon
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Re: EON Olympia 419

Post by Sean Fitzgibbon »

Superb workmanship and a very enjoyable and informative thread Brian.
Hope to see her in the flesh at an aerotow at some point soon.
Mike F
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Re: EON Olympia 419

Post by Mike F »

Yes, congratulations Brian, a beautiful restoration. Its wonderful to see a Watkins original in the air again.

Jolly Roger
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Re: EON Olympia 419

Post by Jolly Roger »

Good stuff Brian. I'm delighted for you (and John). I know how much care you put into all your models and your love for the Oly is evident.
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B Sharp
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Re: EON Olympia 419

Post by B Sharp »

Thanks gents for all of your comments. The Wild Goose will be in my car for all of the events that I attend in 2022 so hopefully you will see it in the feathers next year.
Brian. :)
By the way Chris - the cheque is non refundable especialy because I drank it last night. :D
Stephen Portelli
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Re: EON Olympia 419

Post by Stephen Portelli »

Thanks for posting this rebuild, a very informative series for a bloke getting back into the hobby after a long break.
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