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C17 Globemaster III - PSS

PSS (Power Scale Soaring) scale jets for the slope.
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Re: C17 Globemaster III - PSS

Post by Andy.Meade »

Hi Dave,
I'm a Design Engineer in full time employment, so tend to be able to grab a few minutes designing my stuff at lunch times where necessary. I do have a small CNC laser at home as well, and have cut quite a few ribs that way - so much easier than the scroll saw.

I use Solidworks which is a fairly hefty thing for a hobbyist to use, but very easy if you can find a copy cheap somehow. I understand a lot of people use Fusion 360 as it's free for personal use, I think.

good luck!

Dave Cooper
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Re: C17 Globemaster III - PSS

Post by Dave Cooper »

Hi Andy

Thanks for the advice. My last engineering drawing was done in "MS Paint", so, anything's an improvement on that...!

Amazingly, the local machine shop were able to work with it. It would be nice to be more self-sufficient at home though, so I'll look at Fusion 360 and CNC laser cutters as you suggest.

Cheers for now,

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