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Covering advice

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Phill Tadman
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Covering advice

Post by Phill Tadman »

Hi all,

I’m looking at the various covering options for a 1/3.5 scale Bergfalke MU13e.

I’m ideally after one which is the quickest and easiest to use.

At first glance there seem to be so many: Oratex, Oracover, Solartex, Diatex etc

Can anyone explain the differences, pros and cons between the various types?


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Re: Covering advice

Post by Robcrad »

Hi Phill
I am using Diacov on a Mucha Std, the covering is nice to use goes around curves etc without to much issue and sticks well. Shrinking is good and seems to remain taught. Needs a higher temp to both stick and shrink, around 30 deg more has been working for me. Here comes the but, do not let it stick to itself if it does it tends to pull the adhesive off. It seems to fray more than Oratex which is a bit of a pain, difficult to remove the frayed fibers and that tends to show up when painting the covering. I have been spray a light coat over all the cut lines which harden up the frayed bits and then use a fine sand paper to gently remove them. It is translucent so really needs painting, this bit is good accepts paint well and does not slacken when painted.

This the first time I have used it, and this is what I have found with it so far, I may be doing something wrong which is making it fray, hopefully somebody will know if this is the case.
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B Sharp
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Re: Covering advice

Post by B Sharp »

Phil, I have been using Diacov on my restoration of John Watkins Oly 419. I agree with Robs comments and will use this covering on any future "woodies". It is much easier to use than solartex and significantly cheaper than Oratex.
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