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Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

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Re: Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

Post by VinceC »

Sounds good to me

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Re: Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

Post by SP250 »

Or how about -
This is all about the safety of the airspace for full size aeroplanes.
If all commercial flights (100,000 + per day as per 2014 CAA figures) paid 10 pence per flight, then that would well cover the CAA cost of 2.8+ million per annum for the registration system.
Sadly we all know it won't make any difference to the rogues who want to disrupt commercial flights and airports.
But the CAA are basing their figures on 170,000 people registering. The BMFA have 34,000 and all other air space users are about 20,000, there is a huge shortfall to reach 170,000 & £2.8m. So the registration fee won't be £16.50 more like rapidly rising to £70/80 pa.
Now is it worth writing to all and sundry and filling in the survey?
John M

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Re: Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

Post by ian davis »

With 122,000 Bobbies at last count and an alleged 150,000 drone users according to the CAA it's a good time to rob a bank.

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Re: Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

Post by roo Hawkins »

I think I might take up model boats this hobby is getting harder. or fishing or maybe just do nothing and sit in a park with can .

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