Drawing Schleicher K 8B

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Drawing Schleicher K 8B

Post by Espenlaub » 18 Nov 2019, 09:32


Drawings of the Schleicher K 8B can be found here in the download of the magazine "Flugmodell"
https://www.flugmodell-magazin.de/downl ... ugzeugbau/
Drawing © by H.-J.Fischer

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Re: Drawing Schleicher K 8B

Post by Paul_Williams » 18 Nov 2019, 09:42

Excellent as ever - thank you for sharing.

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Re: Drawing Schleicher K 8B

Post by Jilles » 02 Dec 2019, 01:27

Just a little note nothing significant but the drawing description specifies K8B. This is in my opinion incorrect. With the canopy shown it is a K8
This smaller canopy was supplied with the initial production run, later a full blown canopy was supplied to replace the small one and the model was called K8B. I do know because I did fly both full scale options myself last century.
For your info, after I have completed the current design job for Cliff Evans the plan is to design a K8 model for myself at 4.8m wing span (ETA april 2020) . This is then the same scale as my Ka6E design
The K8 design will have both canopy options for a potential builder to choose from

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