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Retract Doors

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barry h
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Retract Doors

Post by barry h »

Hi All
I am just fitting out a Swift with a retract and am not sure of the best way to add something to retract the doors when the wheel retracts.
Any advice would be helpful. What system do you use etc.



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Re: Retract Doors

Post by Barry_Cole »

You can power them with small servos. (Very complicated)

A small tension spring works well, as you can make it push the doors open wide to get more ground clearance.

It really depends on how much space you have, and the mechanics of the retract.

Maybe someone could post a few photos of what they have done.


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chris williams
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Re: Retract Doors

Post by chris williams »

This is how I've done it on my various Dart 17's...

roo Hawkins
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Re: Retract Doors

Post by roo Hawkins »

I use 2 elastic bands one for each door.

John Vella
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Re: Retract Doors

Post by John Vella »

Like Roo ,I use rubber bands to close the doors which pull the doors when u/c legs go horizontal. The same system as used full size substituting bungees for rubber bands. Regards John.

Elliot Howells
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Re: Retract Doors

Post by Elliot Howells »

I use rubber bands too, sometimes actually connected to the retract arm so that the tension increases as it retracts.

Have now resorted to using silicone for the hinges, which works way better than anything else and is super resilient.


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