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Flair K8 airbrake parts/plan sheet

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Gary Binnie
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Flair K8 airbrake parts/plan sheet

Post by Gary Binnie »

Fingers crossed,

I bought a Flair K8 direct from Flair and collected it, it was advertised as missing sheet and strip wood.

I have replaced the missing wood but there were some other parts missing, they promised to help me but I'm beginning to lose hope.

I am missing 'Sheet 17 Right' of the plan, I have the other two sheets. Would like to buy or borrow to copy and return please.

The other problem is the air brake parts, they gave me a laser etched Paxolin sheet of the 3 mm parts (operating arms) but there is no way I will be able to cut them accurately. I believe Flair used to sell these brakes as a kit. I guess I could salvage the parts from a crashed model (should somebody be unfortunate enough to be mourning the remains!).

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Richard Hewitt
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Re: Flair K8 airbrake parts/plan sheet

Post by Richard Hewitt »

Gary, (apologies for only just reading your post) I have the air brakes salvaged from my crashed Flair K8 many years ago. I can't find the drawings although they are probably here somewhere. Do you still want the brakes? Please email me at or call 023 80771527.

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