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Here you will find new plan info looking for builders.
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Re: plans

Post by VinceC »

I already posted in your other thread the plans which needed re-sizing. I have done that for you, so here are the plans for 1:3.5 scale or 3.7 meters. Let us know when you start building
Ka 4 fuselage.pdf
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Ka 4 wing.pdf
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Re: plans

Post by Philkiteflyer »

Hi Silva, I have a copy of that plan and was going to use it myself. However, I didn't like the 'soild' fuse sides when the original is fabric and the base of the rudder post is incorrect. The plan shows the base is pointed, but it is actually square, see attached photo for clarity.
I am drawing my own plans and building a 1/4 scale model myself - but very very slowly - as other projects keep getting in the way. :roll:

Good luck and do post photos when you build it,
Phillip C
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