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A short profile from me Cliff

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Cliff Evans
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A short profile from me Cliff

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My name is Clifford Evans (Cliff) I am 61 years old have been flying model gliders since the age of 9 years. I was taught to fly models by two of our greats, Cliff Charlesworth and Pat Teakle. At the age of 17 I flew my first solo flight with the Air Cadets in a Slingsby T21 at RAF Locking in Weston -super-Mare hence my passion for that aircraft. I have also flown power including jets for many years. One of my other passions has been playing guitar again from around the age of 9 years I have made a good living from that for most of my working life working in touring cabaret bands. I also went to school with the brother of one of my all-time guitar hero’s Gary Moore most famous for a song called “Parisian Walkways” I was very lucky to have known Gary and through him got to meet and play with some great players. I met my wife Mary whilst playing in a band where she was the singer, a damn good singer at that. The last twenty years of my career in music was working in a duo with her. I am a lay official with the Entertainers Union “Equity” and have been for 30 years.

I got into laser cutting kits when Mary contracted cancer. Being at home most of the time with her I tended to get quite bored and purchased a laser cut kit from a fairly well-known company. When I got the kit I thought it was very bad and thought that I could do better. So I investigated buying a laser machine and ended up doing so. The rest as they say is history. In the lockdown, I have also taken to making some guitars which has been fun.