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John Greenfield (AEB)

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john greenfield
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John Greenfield (AEB)

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Hi All

My name is John Greenfield but most people know me as AEB which stands for "Aeronautical Energiser Bunny" a play on the Duracell Energiser Bunny character. This "title" was bestowed on me by Chris Williams many years ago as according to him I was constantly on the go and never sat down. Quite a true reflection on my life as I always seem to be on the go.
Members will also know me as part of the Ghost Squadron, the longest continually operating model aircraft display team in the world. The team was formed in 1980 and since then has been traveling the world organising and flying at model events.
I was born in 1960, and have been an avid participant in model flying building and flying many different types of model aircraft since the age of seven. I began building, designing, and flying radio-controlled model aircraft in 1974, just 3 years later I was participating in flying demonstrations on the European show circuit. In 1982 I co-founded the Large Model Association (L.M.A) and over the years I have served on its committee as their Chief Examiner and Safety Officer and Chairman of the registration scheme for over 20 Kg models. I continue to operate as an advisor to many modeling organisations and aviation authorities both in the UK and worldwide on large models and safety issues and on occasion get involved in flying models for film and TV.
I am also the designer of many published plans including the very popular "Greenley" range of tug models. These tugs, in various sizes, have become probably the most popular tugs in many countries for their simple rugged, and docile flying characteristics.
In 2011 I got interested in GPS Triangle racing whilst at a scale model glider event in Switzerland where it was being demonstrated. It looked like a good challenge and so I was hooked. After lots of practicing, in 2013 I became vice World Champion in GPS flying, and in 2016 became World Champion winning the GPS Challenge Cup. I hold the British lap record which I increased from 18 to 19 laps this year.
I still fly all types of models from free flight rubber powered through all types of powered modes including helicopters and of course all types of gliders. Basically, if there is any chance of making it fly, regardless of what it is, I am keen to give it a go.
I have been married to Addie for 36 years and after a career as a Highways Engineer I retired early at 55 to enjoy model flying full time and I now go flying most days and spend the remainder of my time in my extensive workshop and traveling the world enjoying model building and flying.
AEB = Aeronautical Energiser Bunny (with thanks to CW)