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1/2 scale AS33

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1/2 scale AS33

Post by sruelle »

Built this summer an AS33 half scale kit from Rosenthal USA

Comes as a kit with foam, carbon, obeshi wings live hinges and a bare fuselage with canopy, canopy frame and molded rudder. A decent amount of work, but a very satisfying result. I have covered the wings with vinyl, and all servos have been mounted with IDS linkages, very slick. Wings airfoils have a thin airfoil designed by Philipp Kolb for GPS racing, should be a winner!

Power is a Torcman NT530-45 that turn a 20x13 on 12S 5000S, about 2:30 of motor time that gives you a solid two climbs

Here is a video of the first two flights, first on tow and second ROG. Very of the flying characteristics, easy to fly, its is like flying on rails (glider weigh only 23Kg, 50lb)

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Re: 1/2 scale AS33

Post by Jolly Roger »

Beautiful glider Stephane - very graceful. Thanks for posting.
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