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Hollow moulding - a LOW TECH method…

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Re: Hollow moulding - a LOW TECH method…

Post by Barry_Cole »

Elliot Howells wrote: 30 May 2022, 22:05 come on then Rog, for us incapable of achieving a professional finish, what knowledge did the great one impart?
Probably, "Get someone else to paint it"

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Jolly Roger
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Re: Hollow moulding - a LOW TECH method…

Post by Jolly Roger »

:D :D :x :D
Barry I did seriously consider paying someone to spray it…but I live in Yorkshire so parting with money is always a challenge.

I think everyone’s probably found their own way to get a decent spray finish, but for me the key was…

1. Brush on, rather than spray the primer, to avoid pinholes.
2. Rub the primer down to almost nothing using 240,400 then 600 grit sandpaper.
3. Make a spray booth then Hoover it to get it forensically clean.
4. Set up really good lighting at chest height - I used 2 x 500W halogen site lights which had the other plus of heating the booth which helped the paint flow and dry quickly.
5. Build up 3 coats of paint, drying for 2 mins by turning in front of the Halogens
6. start with a light coat to get a key, second coat builds up the density of colour, third coat is heavy enough to let the paint flow but not so heavy it runs - use the lights to check when it glosses over.

Of course next time I spray it will be a disaster!

Elliot Howells
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Re: Hollow moulding - a LOW TECH method…

Post by Elliot Howells »

Rog, thanks - this is good info!

I'll save this for future reference and report back, although knowing me, it may be some time...

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