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New here, joining from Zürich

Just joined the forum? Please introduce yourself here..
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New here, joining from Zürich

Post by Vorkosigan »

Hello to everybody.
I would like first to thanks this community for the work that is been done to make this site a reality.
I'm French, my first name is Pierre-Henri, I work in Zürich. Passion for gliders started with a kit offered by my dad in 72, of course not w RC, but got the virus of getting my fingers full of glue.
All this was put on hold until my oldest son turned 13 in 1998, second scratch build, 2 axis, 2meters, thermal flying in Alpe d'Huez in summer. Nice.
Here we are, 24 years later. can't count the number of models...

Covid has revived my love for cutting, glueing and sanding. Next project is Jilles Smits's B4, in 5m. I promised cliff that i'll post pictures of the progress

BOM analysing in progress
Short kit, canopy and joiner are ordered.

Time to get the planes ready for this summer's trip to Alpe d'Huez, a wonderful slope for large gliders (in addition of the 21 laps...)

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Peter Balcombe
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Re: New here, joining from Zürich

Post by Peter Balcombe »

Hi & welcome to the forum.
I look forward to seeing your progress on the B4.
I’ve built a number of Jille’s designs & they have all gone together very nicely.
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Cliff Evans
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Re: New here, joining from Zürich

Post by Cliff Evans »

Good to see you here Pierre-Henri.
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