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Tailplane for Nan Orion (or Alex XXL) Glider WANTED

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Chris Hurst
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Tailplane for Nan Orion (or Alex XXL) Glider WANTED

Post by Chris Hurst »

Does anybody happen to have at least the right hand half of the all flying tail for a Nan Orion glider? Apparently the Alex XXL tailplane will also fit.

(Note: This is for the first version of the Orion, the new version which came out last year has a different tail with separate elevators)

Ideally Yellow on top / Black underneath. However I would consider other colours particularly if you happened to have both halves.

The picture below is of the undamaged left hand half which I want to match.

Sensible price happily paid plus postage.



07930 758495
Orion tail 1.jpg