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May I introduce myself

Just joined the forum? Please introduce yourself here..
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May I introduce myself

Post by L-spatz55 »

Hello Everybody,
My Name is Markus, and i am also from Bavaria/ Germany as the other latest newcomers to this forum.
I have been building freeflight gliders when i was a young boy( Radiocontrol was too expensive) and at the age of 18 I became a gliderpilot.
But when i was 27, I bought an old sailboat, which I restored, and for the next 35years sailing was my passion and also my profession. About 15years ago a crewmember awoke the bird in me, and i started again flying and building modelgliders.( Now with radiocontrol).I built a Scheibe L-spatz from the plan of Mario Raab and one day searching on Google for that model, I saw a real L-spatz55 for sale. As fortune wanted it, I bought this glider and now I am an ethusiastic vintageglider pilot. I mainly fly in the alps and was able to do some fantastic crosscountryflying. Some time ago i bought a 4m Bergfalke with Styrofoam wings and GRP Fuselage which flys great but as it weighs 7,5KG it does not fly like the real Bergfalke. I will either build new wings and stab in wood, or a complete wooden Bergfalke. This is how i found this fantastic forum.
My congratulation to the organizers. You are really doing a great job!!!!
Thank you very much and have a nice weekend
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Cliff Evans
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Re: May I intoduce myself

Post by Cliff Evans »

Thanks for your compliments. The success of the forum is absolutely down to the members. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to your contributions.
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