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Half scale Diana 2

The place for all things large - approaching half scale or larger.
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Half scale Diana 2

Post by sruelle »

It took me about a month to build this from the kit to flyable condition. Every control is actuated using IDS which took the most time in the built, as you can cut only once land there is tight clearances needed.

Motor is an Eflite Power 180 turning a 20x13 and giving 3300W which is plenty for take off, 2mn of run time with an extra 30s of safety

I installed a prandlt probe and a tek probe to be able to get air speed and compensated vario without adjustments

Kit is good quality, a little bit more fingering out what to do than a kit from Baudis but very manageable.

First flight was a week ago, an I have now about 10 flight on it, next step is installing the water ballast

Enjoy the video of the first flight

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Cliff Evans
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Re: Half scale Diana 2

Post by Cliff Evans »

Very nice!
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