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Cliff Charlesworth Reiher with new wing.

Let us all watch your new project progress.
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Cliff Evans
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Cliff Charlesworth Reiher with new wing.

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Message from Terry Elliot in France regarding his latest build

Hi Cliff, the Reiher finally took to the air today, I have some pics of the finished model, but no aerial footage until I come back from holiday in August. The first flights were awesome, no trim adjustments needed, she just flew straight and true hands off. The only thing that needed recalculating was the c of g from the original plan, using my trusty internet site the calculation was between 110mm - 120mm, the plan showed 95mm. I think with the new section it could be even further rearward ( initial flights were at 115mm ) 1.8kg of lead up front! Thanks for a great kit that was a pleasure to build and looks really superb. Cheers Terry

Reiher 4.jpg
Reiher 3.jpg
Reiher 2.jpg
Reiher 1.jpg