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Hitec Flash 8 Dual Rate programming - HELP !

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Hitec Flash 8 Dual Rate programming - HELP !

Post by Paul_Williams »

My Hitec Aurora 9 demolished a couple of models before I realised it was an intermittent fault - apparently endemic to them. Naturally spares are no longer available as they are no longer made.
To continue using my 15Hitec RX's, I managed to buy an unused Hitec Flash 8 and an as new Flash 7 which do not have the problems identified in the Aurora 9. Interestingly, Hitec no longer make transmitters.

The Flash 7 and 8 differ from the Aurora in not having a touch screen and use a rotary dial like Spectrum.
With the Flash 7, the Dual Rate programme includes a panel to allow you to select and allocate a switch to operate it.

Surprisingly the Flash 8 is different - no switch option in the D/R section.
The manual advises you to select a switch before entering the D/R section but I can't find anything in the manual explaining how you do that !!!!!!

Clearly I am missing something obvious :cry: can any kind soul explain how to do this please ?