First Aerotow of Spring at Munbilla

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First Aerotow of Spring at Munbilla

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Hi, I haven't reported for a few months, better now.
Here is a report about last Saturday’s flying on a very nice day.
We had a good discussion about towlines and have some changes and ideas to try. We performed a test per video below, that worked well.
Mick performed all towing duties with the 120 powered Yak55SP, giving Kris the day free to fly his Discus. Thanks Mick.
Trent maidened a 6meter span 24.5kg ES49 Kangaroo, it looked impressive in the air and on the ground. Mick wasn’t sure if it was a model or an anchor on the first take off. All went well and I hope it makes it back for another outing.
Evan flew his magnificent 8.85m span Nimbus 4, he did some fast laps that looked and sounded great.
Jilles and John D flew their trusty Ka6s, John also had a 3m Fox on a trolley.
Todd flew his ASW27 and ASW15, JD his Discus.
I flew the Salto and did some nice tumbles and a low inverted pass, but no footage exists so I guess it didn’t happen. I was going to fly the Blanik, but had a flap hinge failure that grounded it.


- Tow Line drop test
- ES 49 Kangaroo first flight
- 8.8m Nimbus 4 flying
- The other flying that happened that day

Der Himmel ist blau und die Luft ist gut!