Hello to all

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Detlef Korsawe
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Hello to all

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Hi, I have recently become a member of this forum.
Name: Detlef Korsawe
Age: 63
I live in Germany.
Profession: Electrical Engineer, now retired.

I started building and flying RC models almost 50 years ago. My preference is for vintace model gliders, tailless airplanes and flying wings. I have more than 30 models in my fleet. The latest (maiden flight last week) is a 2 m wingspan Gö1 Wolf based on a plan by Chris Williams. I mostly fly on slopes.
I am pleased to be part of the forum. (The first one I've joined, by the way).
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Re: Hello to all

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Welcome Detlef,

Thank you for using your real name, we prefer that.

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Re: Hello to all

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