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Alsema Sagitta

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Stuart Ward
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Joined: 21 Mar 2015, 18:23
Location: Pukekohe NZ

Alsema Sagitta

Post by Stuart Ward »

Hi builders
I have been given a Alsema Sagitta 1:3.5 scale glider(190"), that has hit the ground a little harder than it should have.
I have repaired the wing and the body and cannot go too much further until I find a replacement canopy. Is there a canopy available anywhere as a spare , or failing that , are there drawings that I can use to make a plug.
Thanks, Stuart Ward
Brian Sharp
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Joined: 18 Dec 2022, 09:25
Location: Scotland

Re: Alsema Sagitta

Post by Brian Sharp »

Hi Stu.
I see you are obviously giving up the loom for a while.
I suspect that your damaged Sagitta has been built from the Jilles Smits plan. I downloaded these some time ago but eventually decided not to go ahead with the build. I did build a 1:4 scale version a couple of years ago and was able to use a canopy from Sarik. I suspect that if you contact Jilles through the forum he may be able to help.
Nice to hear from you again. Brian S. :)
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