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World Models 1/3 scale Super Cub**

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World Models 1/3 scale Super Cub**

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Not really a build thread as this is a 99% built ARTF, but if you're looking for a quick-build semi-scale tug, or interested in converting a tug to electric, read on....

Please take all the following with a big pinch of salt though as I haven't flown it yet save a few 10" high hops in the garden. I'll update this thread when it's maidened.

Headline stats: 141" span, 91" long, and weighs a relatively light 28 - 30 pounds. Lightens your wallet by about 750 pounds too! I got mine from Steve Webb models - a pleasure to deal with, and it comes in a box so big my kids played in it for weeks. In fact I think one of them may still be in there.... ... a=Aircraft

I would definitely collect it too - apart from the cost of carriage for an 8ft long box, there's a high risk of damage. It fitted in my VW Golf fine.

Value for money is a subjective thing but I believe Black Horse's rival 1/3 Cub is £1200 +.

You'll also need to fork out for 8 high-torque servos (it has flaps plus dual elev servos). I used Hitec 645MGs cos I had a drawer full of them, although in my opinion there's faster, stronger, lighter and cheaper alternatives these days.
World Models 1_3 scale Super Cub.pdf
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It's quite sturdily built with lots of the usual laser-cut ply and liteply, designed to take the stresses of an 80cc petrol motor although US buyers typically go 100cc +.

So you've spent the money and squirrelled all those pricey bits back to your shed... what next?