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47th VGC International Rally 2019

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john greenfield
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Re: 47th VGC International Rally 2019

Post by john greenfield »

£ 50 for pilot registration.........but no guarantee of any flying !!!!

Anyone see the flaw in this ???

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chris williams
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Re: 47th VGC International Rally 2019

Post by chris williams »

In my experience of many demos at VGC events, there is limited interest from the full-size guys in our efforts. The last time we went to Tibbenham we flew in the evening on the other side of the field at the same time as the barbecue by the main hangars. Guess which proved more popular?
The Lasham venue was the best attended, mainly because the model action took place right in front of the clubhouse...!
I have corresponded with Andrew Jarvis (also president of the VGC!) who tells me that he is trying to organise a comp amongst the VGC members to build the old KK Minimoa, so collaboration with modellers might be more forthcoming this time around...
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Re: 47th VGC International Rally 2019

Post by chas »

Chris, Not Tibenham, that was at Little Gransden, Cambridgeshire . (Almost the same xxxxx xxx every year since......)

John Vella
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Re: 47th VGC International Rally 2019

Post by John Vella »

Cliff, I find the VGC attitude to model flying very disappointing. It was very different in Chris Wills day as President of the VGC. He was interested in our hobby and a great source of archive photos and information. I had the pleasure of flying with him in his MG 19a at a VGC rally, the reward of rigging the glider with him. Regards John.

Pat Marsden
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Re: 47th VGC International Rally 2019

Post by Pat Marsden »

I have to say that £50 is a bit steep considering we are there for thier entertainment. I live within 6 miles of Tibenham but I certainly wouldnt pay £50 even with a guarantee of flying. Last time I flew at Tibenham for a VGC event we flew off long grass a long way from the club house, even my tug prop was cutting the grass it was that long.

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