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Paritech Nimbus 4D**

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Mike Francies
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Paritech Nimbus 4D**

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I am putting together a 7 meter, Paritech Nimbus 4D that I purchased through John McNamara at Soarstream. John has been brilliant as there were one or two issues with the model which he dealt with very expeditiously. I will try to post as many photos and detail as I can but don't expect this to be a quick build, I am the world's slowest builder!!

At my local field, we do not have a suitable tug available so I have opted for a Schambeck AFT19 to haul the beast aloft so I can take full advantage of all possible flying days available to me.

I also bought the cockpit to fit and a Tailored Pilots, quarter scale pilot, which is brilliant. The Nimbus is at 1:3.75 scale so a 1:4 scale pilot should be too small. The pilot measures 375mm which, even at 1:4 scale, makes him a bit small at around five feet! However, putting him in the cockpit means I cannot close the canopy!! What is happening? I am presuming the cockpit has been made shallower to allow gear to be put under it. So how do I get my pilot in?
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That is not the only problem with space as I also need to get in all the paraphernalia for the AFT19.