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Small Screws.

Anything to do with gliders & gliding.
Nigel Argall
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Re: Small Screws.

Post by Nigel Argall »

Mick Reeves does a load of tiny screws - should be at the bottom of this page: ... sories.htm

Mark Erwood
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Re: Small Screws.

Post by Mark Erwood »

Hi Antony,

I haven't looked to see if they list the size you want but I use 'Kayfast' for a lot of my fastenings. I have always had good service too.


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Peter Balcombe
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Re: Small Screws.

Post by Peter Balcombe »

Kayfast Ltd list Pan Head No.2 x 1/4” for £0.01 each in zinc plated steel.
Lots of fixings to choose from.

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Site Admin
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Re: Small Screws.

Post by VinceC »

I bought my last ones off eBay

Ian Stromberg
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Re: Small Screws.

Post by Ian Stromberg »

Model fixings have very small self tappers which look small enough. I've used quite a few of the 0 size.

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Re: Small Screws.

Post by Barry_Cole »

Anthony wrote:
10 Mar 2019, 15:28
Thanks everybody, now sorted and found a few more suppliers of minuscule hardware bits.

Thanks Ant.
Let us know who they are Anthony??


Chas Smith
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Re: Small Screws.

Post by Chas Smith »

Hi Anthony
I have had good luck finding very small screws at AliExpress. It may take a couple of weeks but I got several hundred various sizes for a few $ used on my ASH 26 aileron servo cover plates.

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