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Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

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Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

Post by flihijohn » 14 Mar 2019, 12:27

Having digested all the information regarding the new rules on flying heights I could still do with a bit of clarification. Perhaps someone can help?
Our club field is outside any airport blue zone and I know that only aircraft with a mass of less that 7 Kg are permitted to fly above 400 Ft. Is it possible to get permission from the CAA to fly models above 7 Kg above 400 Ft? All our glider tugs are above 7 Kg and 400 Ft is only a two second climb for a jet!
I suspect that a permission could be obtained for a specific event but what about, say, an annual permission? If anyone knows how we might go about obtaining a permission I would be grateful for any info.
Any 1/3 scale glider will exceed 7 Kg, similarly for tugs. How do other flat-field flyers go on?

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Re: Caa permission to exceed 400 ft

Post by Barry_Cole » 14 Mar 2019, 12:56

John PM sent.


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