Topmodel Bidule Glider Tug.

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Topmodel Bidule Glider Tug.

Post by barry h » 11 Jun 2019, 11:33

I have reluctantly decided to sell my Bidule Glider tug.
The Bidule has become renowned across Europe as a rugged and easy to fly workhorse, Walking pace landings with the use of flaps is as easy as pie.
This model was built a couple of years ago and has only had probably less than 2 hours total flying.
Everything except the powerbox was purchased new at the time.
Bidule 111 from Topmodel Fr 3mts wingspan fitted with a DLE 111 V3 with the correct MTW manifolds and Cannisters. Swinging a Mejzilk Carbon 28x10 , though if you whish to make it quieter then a 28x12 can be supplied. Dubro fuel filler. Top quality servos all round . Powerbox is top of the range and fully adjustable on all channels . Batteries are 3800ma x2 hardcase lipos. Revoc wing and tail bags also come with it.
Have towed up a 6mtr Phoenix K8 with no problems whatsoever. It has suffered very slight damage to the elevator when I ran over a stray towline. This has all been repaired , though there wasn't much to repair.

Look on the Topmodel Fr website for all specs etc or there are loads of videos on YouTube .

This cost me nearly £3,000 to put together . Heres your chance to own one for £1,500 ono.

Thanks for looking. Barry. 07826 523712 Near Kings Lynn Norfolk.

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