Glen's Maule Skyrocket

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Glen's Maule Skyrocket

Post by SP250 » 12 Sep 2019, 22:46

I have a Glens Maule with a Zenoah 45 in it which has a "Mick Reeves Jumpstart" device to aid starting the magneto equipped engine.
Can anyone help me with a copy of the manual or information on this starting system please?
It appears to have a servo controlled 3 position switch and an external 4 cell battery to be plugged in for starting.
Mick Reeves website is a nightmare to navigate and Ive just wasted 2 hours to no avail - no details on there at all and a Google search doesn't show anything either.
I guess it is similar in use to the Toni Clarke Easy Start System for the Zenoahs.
Any help much appreciated.

John M

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