Paritech 6.52m dg 303 elan acro

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Paritech 6.52m dg 303 elan acro

Post by Freeder » 30 Nov 2019, 15:35

Pains me to do this but I'm selling my paritech dg 303 6.52m turbine.

Rtf minus Rx, battery's and turbine.

Has a custom removable cradle to fit a 90mm dia turbine

12 hs 5955

And 1/4 scales on the fema retract and tow release.

Has gear brake etc.

All adapted for over 20kg so split systems and elevator etc.

It has been re wired and also has pyro wires down to the custom pyro mounts.

I have added let wingtip wheels on the 2 sets of tips.

Has revoc bags for the wings, stabs and fuselage.

Full tank system and fct uat.

Flys incredibly well

£4500 minus Rx, batteries and turbine.

Please PM for more pictures.

Preston UK

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