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FrSky Horus date/time

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Peter Balcombe
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FrSky Horus date/time

Post by Peter Balcombe »

For those of you with a Horus that seems to forget the date/time every time you turn the set off:
There is a small CR1220 Lithium coin cell backup battery for the clock functions (RTC) which is located in a small holder on the main board.
On my development version, it was underneath the mainboard on the RHS (as you look at the front of the set).
On production units, I understand the location is likely to be under the battery holder plate/charging board.

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Andrew Ray
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Re: FrSky Horus date/time

Post by Andrew Ray »

Thank you Peter, a timely post for me (sorry no pun intended) as a few days after reading this I turned my Horus on and noticed the date and time had reset (at this point I had forgotten what you had written). I reset the date and time but at next switch on the display had reset and then I remembered.

That's now a job for today.

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Re: FrSky Horus date/time

Post by RobbieB »

Similar solution when you PC does the same thing.

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