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A Corona flight

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Cliff Evans
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A Corona flight

Post by Cliff Evans »

Must watch to the end
Laser Cut sailplanes

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terry white
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Re: A Corona flight

Post by terry white »

A lesson on trim if ever there was one. Wow!!

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Re: A Corona flight

Post by RobbieB »

Yes, when you started your aero modelling career in free flight, you learnt all you needed to know about trimming (and accurate building, of course).

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Re: A Corona flight

Post by Barry_Cole »

Indoor, free flight, aerotowing, who would have thought it???

:D :D :D :D


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chris williams
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Re: A Corona flight

Post by chris williams »

See, I told you we could use a shorter towline ;)

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Re: A Corona flight

Post by SP250 »


That was done over 20 years ago at the Scale indoor FF Nationals, obviously with scale tug & glider.

Lots of indoor FF builds and fly it in your living room /garage /conservatory going on at the moment.

John M

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